Feb 15th – More raking and tackling the border! By Tess Bisson.

Today the CSC volunteers were lucky with the weather and continued raking the rather soggy grass cuttings – quickly filling up the Streetscene truck that was left for the purpose:

This volunteer is truly a raking machine! It was interesting to hear how many of his family members are at rest in the cemetery.

Many brambles were cut back and rooted out where possible.

Ivy was removed at ground level, but left to grow on the fence, where it can provide wonderful shelter for overwintering insects. Our volunteer in yellow wellies was delighted with the neat edges achieved!

Lots of woodchip was shovelled out of the gutter and back on to the bed, beautifully composted.

Among the items discovered were a bag of vodka bottles (empty), a bed head, an old drain, and excitingly, an “earth star” fungus, amongst the woodchip.

The battle to stop the three cornered leek taking over completely will be ongoing…..