A very wet morning but 5 volunteers turned out and were joined by the EDDC Horticultural Officer Paul Fealey.

Not only did they have to contend with poor weather but they came across many unpleasant surprises during their work.

They were working on a different section of the cemetery (near Temple Street, around Picture 2 above and the area below it ) and it is obviously popular with people taking their dogs out. Who knows whether they are actually walking their dogs or if they are only taking them out to ‘do their business’ away from home but whichever it is they don’t bother to clear up after their pets.
While this is understandable in some ways as the dogs concerned seem to have stomach problems and their poo would have been difficult to pick up cleanly, in other ways that made it even worse. Some of the faeces were even on graves not on path edges. As one person commented ‘On this section of the cemetery there was a significant increase in the amount of dog mess both on the graves and the grass surrounding them. This shows a total lack of respect for the deceased and disregard for both volunteers and council workers.

Examples of what they found are shown below.