A lovely sunny day today and as well as getting work done we had a visit from Councillor Ian Barlow, who presented some Hi-Viz vests which the VGS had designed and arranged for but had been funded by Sidmouth Town Council.

We are very grateful for this financial support from STC and hope that the Hi-Viz vests will not only keep the volunteers safe while working but also help them to be identified by members of the public who pass by while they are working.

Look out for people attired in vests with our logo!

Doesn’t the Cemetery look so much better? Neat graves with the yellowing grass, where cut grass had been left on it, starting to become green again. We do appreciate that maintaining the cemetery is time consuming because you can’t use big mowers on it but wouldn’t it be nice if it could be regularly strimmed to provide paths along the top and bottoms of the graves. As you can see here it would only need someone walking a straight line, and it would be easy to rake up afterwards!

© Amanda O’Carroll