Beautiful burial grounds – of ancient meadows and caring for hedgehogs

There’s a national project aimed at cherishing our cemeteries and churchyards – and it’s doing well in East Devon:

Caring for God’s Acre – in East Budleigh – Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries

A year ago, they concluded a specific project – with the results here:

Celebrating the Beautiful Burial Ground Project – Caring For God’s Acre – the conservation charity for burial grounds across the UK

Their Beautiful Burial Grounds project has just sent out its latest newsletter:

Beautiful Burial Grounds: Three things in March 
 Hello and Happy Easter!
Thank you for opening our March newsletter 
containing three items that we hope will be of interest 
 Blooming & Beautiful – new signs for flowery areas 
 ​Churchyards, cemeteries and other types of burial ground are often the oldest enclosed spaces in a parish, town, or city. They host grassland that has remained relatively undisturbed for centuries. The gradual, natural re-seeding over many years has given rise to a diverse ecosystem of grasses, flowers, and animals. This ancient, unimproved grassland, once abundant across the UK, has now become a rarity. We have lost 97 percent of it since the second world war. Allowing certain areas to grow freely during the summer months enables the flowers to bloom once more. However, it is important to inform visitors why we are leaving the grass to grow long to prevent any unnecessary concern, so they know that it is active management – not neglect!
We have produced a set of signs that people can download, print, and laminate to place by their wildflower areas. Simply complete the form to help us know where great work taking place!​​​​ 
Ten Hedgehog Hazards – in churchyards & cemeteries  
 Hedgehogs are facing a tough time and their numbers are declining. According to the latest State of Britain’s hedgehogs report, numbers of hedgehogs have fallen by up to 30% in urban areas and 50% in rural areas since 2000

Although cemeteries and churchyards can be welcoming spaces for these prickly and well-loved mammals, we have outlined some particular hazards on our blog that we need to be aware of to ensure they can thrive.

Do visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to find out more about hedgehogs.
Image from the BHPS

March newsletter