High grass does not equate to high biodiversity

The Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries project was set up, largely because it was felt that the Management Plan for Sidmouth Cemetery isn’t working – as commented late last year, “it has been disastrous, whether you are looking for a wildlife haven or a tidy resting place where families can visit […]

Biodiversity in the parish churchyard

The Devonshire Association likes to visit cemeteries – for example, a visit last year to Plymouth Orthodox Synagogue and its cemetery. The Botany Section is also interested in cemeteries – and also last year it organised a field trip to The Knapp Nature Reserve, Sidmouth – which it noted […]

Maytime 2024 newsletter

A lot seems to be happening at Sidmouth Cemetery… Next Thursday morning, Ed Dolphin of the Arboretum will be offering a guided tour of the trees, both native and exotic: A guided tree walk around the Cemetery: 16th May – Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries That’s because […]

A guided tree walk around the Cemetery: 16th May

The trees in and around Sidmouth Cemetery are looking magnificent. Ed Dolphin, of the Arboretum, has sent in some beautiful photos he took this time four years ago, including: Variegated Tulip Tree: May 2020: Ed Dolphin Trees in leaf and in flower around the Cemetery […]

Trees in leaf and in flower around the Cemetery

The trees in Sidmouth Cemetery are beginning to open – coming into flower and coming into leaf. Here are some fine specimens captured by Ed Dolphin from May 2020 – and looking beyond these three trees and at the Cemetery itself, it shows what can […]

Resources to help cherish our cemeteries

There are lots of resources online to help the Cherishing Sidmouth’s Cemeteries project move ahead. And much of these have already been accumulated on the CSC’s ever-expanding website: Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries – A Vision Group for Sidmouth initiative There are some excellent other places to […]