Caring for God’s Acre – in East Budleigh

The churchyard of All Saints’ in East Budleigh has regularly received praise:

Devon’s Best Churchyard Competition | CPRE Devon [2023]

East Budleigh and Exmouth churches recognised by Devon CPRE | Exmouth Journal [2020]

And so has the burial ground of St Peter’s in Budleigh:

The main aims of the competition are to encourage the use and upkeep of churchyards so that they are welcoming to people and wildlife-friendly. “We’re very, very pleased to be the runner-up. One of the pleasures of working here is that you do get compliments from people who come to visit loved ones, equally we have many people who don’t have loved ones laid to rest here and they come because it is just such a lovely tranquil place to be.”

St Peter’s runner-up in Devon’s best churchyard award | Exmouth Journal [2021]

Perhaps Sidmouth Cemetery can set its sights on such accolades?!

In the meantime, the Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries has become a full member of the NFCF – and they will be able to provide all sorts of advice to take the project forward:

National Federation of Cemetery Friends

And as for the examples of other churchyards and cemeteries in East Devon, the likes of East Budleigh can provide inspiration:

We have a three-year rolling Management Plan based on the CfGA’s guidance which includes a mowing regime to encourage the spring and summer meadows to flourish. We carefully and proactively manage our ancient burial grounds to protect and conserve this part of East Budleigh’s rural life and heritage resulting in a beautiful environment welcoming people and wildlife.

East Budleigh – All Saints’ Church – Caring For God’s Acre – the conservation charity for burial grounds across the UK

This is part of the national group which seeks to balance care of graves and care of nature:

Caring For God’s Acre – the conservation charity for burial grounds across the UK – Protecting Wildlife, Preserving Heritage, Involving People