Starting to uncover family graves in the Cemetery

Sidmouth Cemetery has several graves of members of ‘an important Sidmouth family’ – with its own page on the Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries website:

The Cole family – Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries

Including a Major General in the Indian service:

History of the GRAY and Other Families – Major General George Wynne Cole

A decade ago, the Herald carried a full piece on those with an “Indian connection” who are buried in the Cemetery:

The India connection – burials in Sidmouth Cemetery | Sidmouth Herald

As the page on the Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries site shows, the Cole family are concerned with how “the lower part of the cemetery has been slowly let go into decline by the District Council. I’m afraid and it’s apparent it is not a recent decision.”

So, it’s good news that the working party volunteers were hard at work on Thursday morning – as this week’s report notes:

© Amanda O’Carroll

They started work uncovering the graves of the Cole family. Although there is a clear difference to show for the hard work there is still a lot to do. And this is just one plot!

To finish, there is quite a history to the larger Cole family – who are very much part of the history of Devon: