Strimming up at Sidmouth Cemetery

This coming Saturday 13th January, there will be a Public meeting at Sidmouth Cemetery – to look at how the District Council is managing the site.

There is indeed a Management Plan for Sidmouth Cemetery – but to what extent it is being adhered to is another matter.

Earlier today, the council’s StreetScene team were up at the Cemetery – with photos taken by CSC member Amanda O’Carroll:

Of course, strimming is the only way with grass that has been left for so long.

The problem is, what to do with the strimmed grass. Here are further photos taken by CSC member Jenny Ware, after the SteetScene team had left the scene later this afternoon:

If the management plan had been followed, then this might not have been necessary:

“This old area of the cemetery to be managed in 2023 with an Amazone Profihopper that was acquired in early 2023, which can cut, collect and scarify wildflower areas. This will mean that there will no longer be decomposing waste fertilising the soil.”