Find memorials in Sidmouth Cemetery online with ‘Find a Grave’

The Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries website is not only about recording the considerable efforts of the busy volunteers: Working parties – Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries

It’s also about recording the personal stories and the growing information about the memorials: Graves and links to records – Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries

There is information available on the graves of Sidmouth Cemetery – at the Devon Records Office, where it is possible to carry out research on the burials at the site: Devon archives and local studies

There is also a [free!] resource online – which is not comprehensive but 626 graves at Sidmouth Cemetery are photographed, together with some basic information: Memorials in Sidmouth Cemetery – Find a Grave

In the meantime, members of the CSC have been taking and sending in photographs of graves. 

This was sent in by Kate Tobin recently, after a session of raking away the long grass – and shows the headstone of Stephen Reynolds.

As Kate says, making the cemetery wildlife friendly and respecting the memory of those buried there go hand-in-hand:

Spent two hours raking a patch of the mulched grass at the cemetery today on a day off. Waxcaps and wildflowers will benefit next summer. Graves of Harriet Harding and Margaret Iris Lock are visible again. Also a bit more clearing round Stephen Reynolds.

Collecting pictures and stories of the monuments at Sidmouth Cemetery – Cherishing Sidmouth Cemeteries