St Gregory’s Seaton: balancing low grass and wild flowers

St Gregory’s churchyard in Seaton is now managed by the District Council’s StreetScene team:

Improving Green Spaces for Wildlife – East Devon

It had been a pretty abandoned area, as these photos and reports from over a decade show:

St Gregory’s Churchyard, Seaton, Devon – June 2011 | Derelict Places – Urban Exploring Forum

Since the Seaton StreetScene team took over the site, there has been some very positive feedback:

ST GREGORY’S CHURCH: All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

The management plan seems to be working then.

To give an example:

Horticultural Officer Paul Fealey worked with the Seaton Team Leader this year to fill 13 collapsed (and dangerous) graves with soil and wildflower seed, whilst keeping the pathways around the graves low and tidy. You can see the low grass at the bottom of the image between the graves:

Photo: Paul Fealey